Andy Murdock takes up new posts with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)


(Credit: Panel8 Photography for RGS-IBG) –

Andy Murdock has recently taken up two new posts with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and its Chartered Geographer scheme, an internationally recognised professional accreditation for those using their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding in the workplace. After around 10 years as both an Initial Assessor and then a Final Assessor for Chartered Geographer, Andy is taking up the Chair of the Final Assessors Committee. In addition to assessments and regular meetings he is working with his fellow assessors and the Professional and Policy Team at Society to help set the future direction of the Chartered Geographer scheme.

Andy said “I’m delighted to be taking on the Chair’s role at such an exciting time for the scheme and coinciding with a new intake of assessors. We are working hard to ensure the assessment process is clear and robust and that Chartered Geographer remains an important milestone in the career journey of many professional geographers. The accreditation gives confidence to employers, customers and decision makers that professionals who attain this status are demonstrating competence and professionalism in the application of their geographical knowledge, skills and understanding to their work, can advise on innovative solutions and are active contributors to a vibrant international geographical community.”

In his capacity as Chair of the Final Assessors Committee, Andy also sits on Society’s Professional Advisory Group, which was recently established to provide the Society’s Council and senior management team in work that promotes and supports geographers in professional practice, across a wide range of sectors including industry, government and teaching.