Paul Georgie (GeoGeo) wins AGI award for Outstanding Early Career Professional sponsored by APMgeo.


Congratualtions to Paul Georgie of GeoGeo who won the AGI Award for Outstanding Early Career Professional which was sponsored by APMgeo. In 2014, Paul became the first CAA-approved fixed wing pilot to be permitted to fly both urban and rural areas in Scotland. In order to support the local council’s smart energy ambitions, Paul conducted surveys including both residential and refinery areas – using the very latest fixed wing UAS technologies. Head Judge Vanessa Lawrence remarked that “The scale and potential impacts of this work are very impressive from an early career professional”. Unfortuantely, Paul was not able to make it on the night but we would like to congartulate him once more on behalf of APMgeo and the AGI Early Careers Nework and wish him well for the future.